Ka-Blam prints my comic!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Storyboarding Gig

Friday, February 10, 2017

New Rage Comics Printing Soon

Well, soon more issues of Rage #3 will be published. Once a satisfactory amount of them have been printed (100 issue for first initial run).

Still looking at going to The Great Lakes Comic Con in Michigan in late Feb. Instead of putting money into buying a table I'm probably going to invest the money into printing issues. At least 50 back issues of Rage #1 and Rage#2. Thinking of doing a print on demand as well. I'll bring a sketchbook to draw various other superheroes if the people demand it.

Also, be aware of Rage's online presence. I plan to feature the first classic Rage on my website for FREE! Once again it will be posted on cjcalderon94.wixsite.com/storyartist/illustrations.

I plan on doing smaller web comics on there. They will vary from 1-8 pages and sometimes or sometimes 3 to 6 panels. All depends on the story.

Below is the back of Rage #1 redux print version. The first Rage comic was part of a anthology series, now the files are ready for a reprinting as its own individual comic. Coming soon, once the finances are in place.

Monday, January 30, 2017

New Website and Funding Obstacles

About 20 Rage 3 issues printed so far. It's a micro run so far. Also looking at getting a table at a local winter comic con at Macomb Community college. Trying to get this batch of comics plus issues 1 and 2 done first. It's a bit of money for me right now so I'm starting to think of alternative methods for providing back issues. Thinking of print on demand or putting up my first comic online here and at my new website!

It's a Wix wesite and it's got some samples of work, also podcast and films that I've done.

My words of wisdom so far for first time indie comic creators is, have a somewhat dependable stream of income where you can afford a print run and table at a convention.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Movin' Slow

Well, what can I say? I hit a snag...again...can't print post issues of Rage 3 online until I redo & reissue Rage 1 & 2, now in the works.
I'll will print about 20-50 copies of Rage 3 as a trial run. Then, re-release all three issues on here and the printer's website. Stay tuned, it's movin' slow :)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Off to the printers soon!

This month, Rage # 3 will be printed and I'm trying to remind myself to get excited! It's been such a long, long, painful process. It's been my longest, most ambitious comic yet.
I'm sending my pages to Ka-Blam after some recommondations from my friends. It's still relatively cheap to print out 50 copies (black and white). I can't believe I'm so close to the finish line here, not only is it the end of the comic but an end to the story that started years ago in college. I have lots and lots of exciting stories for him as shorter comic runs. Web-comic adventures etc...
A lot has happened during these years of drawing him, lots of starting and stoping, lots of heavy life events preventing me from finishing a lot sooner.
I'd like to think that those events will make me a better storyteller and artist. The obstacles I've had to tackle in my personal and professional life has been intense. It's been even harder balancing the two! After all these years one thing is for sure, my rage is still alive and if it still stirs in me so will he.
Check back soon for a link to the comic👍🏼

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Soon, Rage 3 will finally be finished!! Inked, scanned, word balloons and sound effects done. Just one page for my blogs and online promo info. It's been a long, long, long ride. Too long, but hopefully I'll be a better artist now and my further comics will show it.
Next up my publishing experience!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pages Scanned!!

All of the pages have been scanned!
I'm so happy that they're all in the computer now, ready to be manipulated.
I gotta be honest, some of the brushwork in the background didn't quiet translate as well as I thought I would. Some of the greyscale kind of wind up blotchy instead of smooth.
Things get lost in the translation from inked page to copy machine. It's always a surprising truth. Overall, I'm happy with how my pages turned out in the computer. I realize that I'll have to photoshop some panels a bit, but that's part of the process
(I just wished it wouldn't take so long!) After that, I have to make sound effects and then finally the word balloons. Getting closer to finishing this thing. It's turning into my Chinese Democracy.